Embark on uncharted journeys

Fiction World is a text-based adventure roleplaying game, powered by AI, and driven by your decisions.

Why Choose Fiction World?

Unlimited Freedom

Epic quests, mysterious explorations, or heartfelt narratives - you have the power to steer your adventure in any direction you desire.

Creative Control

Don't like something the AI came up with? Just edit the message or erase it entirely and generate a new response.

Private Conversations

Your adventures are between you and the AI, nobody else can read them.

Community and Creativity

Play public scenarios created by the community, or create and play your own.

Text to Speech

Choose from our selection of realistic AI narrators and hear your story brought to life through audio narration.

Voice Input

Tired of typing? Use your microphone to make decisions and continue the story.

Fiction World Gameplay

Unique roleplaying experiences crafted by artificial intelligence

Dive into stories dynamically crafted by advanced AI, offering a unique experience with every decision you make.

Roleplaying with AI lets you control the narrative

Be the hero or the villain. With the freedom to take your story in any direction, the possibilities are endless.

Fiction World Gameplay

Try out one of these scenarios

Image for Fractured Earth

Fractured Earth

In the aftermath of a global catastrophe, the world has been reshaped into a desolate wasteland known as the Fractured Earth.

Image for Supernatural Detective

Supernatural Detective

You are a detective in Bridgetown - a city where the modern world collides with the supernatural.

Image for The Wild West

The Wild West

Will you stand as a beacon of hope in a lawless land, or will your name strike fear into the hearts of those who hear it?

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